Crafting the Perfect Burger

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Following on from my recent post about reclaiming work-life balance, I’ve decided to share a bit more of my personal life with you all. And what better way to kick things off than with a BBQ post? After all, this is DigitalBBQ!

I Make Burgers

I recently got my hands on a KitchenAid mincer attachment and was eager to put it to the test. While many recommend chuck or blade cuts for burgers, I opted for rump steak from my local Costco. The key here was selecting a cut with a good meat-to-fat ratio, resulting in deliciously juicy burgers.

I started by slicing the rump into manageable chunks that would easily fit into the KitchenAid. Using the coarse grinder, I churned out some beautiful mince. I kept it simple—no added ingredients, just the mince. Each patty weighed in at approximately 200g or just shy of a half pound.

Burger Time

With my BBQ kit packed into the ute, I headed to the beach for a relaxing Saturday evening. The Weber Baby-Q was fired up to high, and 8-10 minutes later, I had burgers cooked to medium perfection.

The end result was nothing short of mouth-watering. A simple yet delicious burger, elevated by the quality of the meat, while I know the process of grinding the meat and making patties is super simple, there is a great satisfaction in having made what I think are some of the most delicious burgers I have ever eaten.

So, there you have it—the maiden voyage of my KitchenAid mincer was a resounding success. It’s these simple pleasures that help me maintain a healthy work-life balance, and I’m excited to share more of them with you.

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