Discover the Desserts at Montjoie Pâtisserie in South Brisbane

Food By Mar 26, 2024 No Comments

While I’ve shared a few posts about my culinary adventures here on DigitalBBQ, I’ve always focused on the dishes I’ve prepared myself. However, this overlooks the incredible food that can be found in the world around us. Today, I’d like to break from tradition and shine a spotlight on one of my favourite spots in South Brisbane. If you’re a…

Festive Lights and Culinary Delights

Over the Christmas break, our streets were transformed into a canvas of festive lights. Towering inflatables and synchronized lights set to holiday tunes offered a dazzling spectacle. A herd of inflatable dinosaurs was particularly memorable. The commitment to spreading festive cheer was unmistakable, with homeowners keen to share their passion for decoration, reminiscent of their inner Clark Griswold. A personal…