Festive Lights and Culinary Delights

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Over the Christmas break, our streets were transformed into a canvas of festive lights. Towering inflatables and synchronized lights set to holiday tunes offered a dazzling spectacle. A herd of inflatable dinosaurs was particularly memorable. The commitment to spreading festive cheer was unmistakable, with homeowners keen to share their passion for decoration, reminiscent of their inner Clark Griswold.

A personal tradition, baking a ham, marked the days leading up to Christmas. This year’s twist involved a homemade marmalade glaze and slow cooking it in the smoker over hickory. Unpredictable weather prompted a gazebo setup — intended as a shield from the sun, it fortuitously became a refuge from an unexpected downpour.

Desserts are a staple of Christmas, and this year was no exception. The centrepiece was a Yule Log from Montjoie Patisserie, a treat that was as much a feast for the eyes as it was for the palate.

Christmas Day gave us with a reprieve from Queensland’s wild weather, revealing a clear and sunny sky over Scarborough Harbour. It was a serene backdrop for our festivities. We capped off the year sipping our take on the Spanish cocktail ‘Agua de Valencia‘, blending Spanish Cava with spirits from a local distillery.

I hope this glimpse into my holiday season brings a bit of joy and perhaps a dash of inspiration for your own festive traditions. As we all gear up for the challenges and opportunities of the new year, I wish everyone a prosperous start. Here’s to a fantastic 2024, both professionally and personally!

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