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Digital By Aug 24, 2023 1 Comment

Welcome to digitalBBQ!

I’m thrilled to introduce you to this new space, where I’ll be sharing my knowledge of digital delivery and glimpses into the broader industry, along with the myriad adventures I embark on outside of work. Because, after all, there is more to me than my skill set.

For years, I’ve been the voice behind, but as my professional journey evolved, I felt the “Revit” of became a tad restrictive, and the updates dwindled to zero. The excited 20-something that nabbed the domain had inadvertently stifled his future 40-something self.

I guess you could draw a parallel with the scenario where a company calls their BIM Managers “Revit Drafting Managers”. Throwing “drafter” into the title of anyone that undertakes a BIM role, or even throwing “Revit” in there, will only hold that person and the team they work for back as they’ll struggle to break the limitations of those shackles.

Even though my mind still buzzed with ideas, this realisation dimmed my enthusiasm for updating DigitalBBQ will serve a broader platter. Expect more than just technical guidance for Revit, in fact, there won’t be much of that at all. I want to share my learnings to offer insights beyond a piece of software, exploring efficient workflow best practices, the people side of our industry, and many other topics.

This is not to say I will be completely ignoring technical topics. While DigitalBBQ will be my primary platform, anything I write related to technical content concerning BIM tools will find its way to both DigitalBBQ and

So, pull up a chair, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

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  1. Lei says:

    Good on you, Ryan.

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