A Brief Sojourn in the Land of the Long White Cloud

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After a brief hiatus, I’m thrilled to share my latest adventure — a journey to the serene landscapes of New Zealand. My travels began in the adrenaline hub of Queenstown, immediately setting off to Gore to connect with my wife’s family.

Curio Bay

Our impulsive nature led us to Curio Bay, aiming to spot penguins. Despite the off-season timing, the blue skies bestowed a spectacular view of the petrified forest, visible at the mercy of low tide. A visit to the Niagara Falls Cafe served as a delightful surprise, where we admired Paralympic medals won by the inspirational cyclist Laura Thompson.

A pitstop in Invercargill saw us immersed in the mechanical wonders at the transport museum, boasting a stellar array of vehicles. Bluff was our next checkpoint, where despite some unforeseen dining restrictions at our accommodation, creativity prevailed. A makeshift dinner of sparkling wine and instant noodles, courtesy of the local 4square, became an unexpectedly charming feast.

Te Anau was a dream, even as the weather turned rogue with torrential rains. Yet, it gifted us a rare encounter with a wild kiwi — a memory to cherish despite my elusive attempts at photography. And who would’ve thought? Snow in October! This winter sprinkle added an enchanting touch to the final leg of our Te Anau stay.

Before bidding farewell, I attempted some astrophotography in Queenstown, embracing the clear skies. Although capturing the Milky Way proved challenging, the experience was no less magical.

All the photos featured in this post are my own, snapped with either my trusty Nikon Z6 or the handy Pixel Fold. For the Nikon shots, I relied on the versatile 24-120 f4 S and a Sigma Art 14mm f1.8 paired with an FTZ adapter – a combination that never fails to impress.

Now, back in Brisbane, I’m feeling rejuvenated and ready to dive back into work with a refreshed sense of balance.

Until next time, Ryan

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